All The World's A Stage-Heaven and Earth Designs
America the Beautiful-Sue Hillis
Americana Series-Little House Needleworks
Angel of Love-Lavender and Lace
Baroque-Ink Circles
Castle Ridge Mini kit-Teresa Wentzler
Celtic Banner-Lavender and Lace
Charles Stocking-Shepherds Bush
Eiffel Tower-Mystic Stitch
Faded Glory Kit-Jeannette Crews
Feather Fairy-Mirabilia
Fishing Santa Stocking
Florin-Ink Circles
Fruit Bellpull-Teresa Wentzler
Gettysburg Address-Erica Michaels
Giant Harry Potter-CloudsFactory
Gothic Cross-HAED
Grainger Street-Mystic Stitch
Heirloom Collection Kit-Mary Copp Sampler
Kings and Queens of England-Bothy Threads
Laura Plantation-Leslie Wristers
Let Freedom Ring-Lila's Studio
Le Nouvea Sampler-Mirabilia
London-Born To Cross
Medieval Town Mandala-Chatelaine
Midnight Frost-Summer House
Millenium-Teresa Wentzler
M'lady's Chateau kit-Dimenions
Moon Shadow-Stitch World
Needles and Pins-Theron Traditions
New England Schoolgirl Sampler-Theron Traditions
Noah's Ark-Teresa Wentzler
Nocturne-Heaven and Earth Designs
North Wind Stocking Kit-Dimensions Gold
Once Upon A Time-Passione Ricamo
One Nation-Bygone Stitches
Parting of the Red Sea-Mystic Stitch
Patriotic Quilt-Rosewood Manor
Peaceful Evening Stocking Kit-Dimensions Gold
Postcards From The World-CloudsFactory
Pumpkin Passport-The Frosted Pumpkin
Queen Anne's Lace-Lavender and Lace
Raven Queen-Mirabila (Maleficent conversion)
Save the Stitches-Blackwork Journey
Shakespeare's Fairies-Mirabilia
Sistine Chapel-Joann Lopianowski Roberts
Stonehenge-Mystic Stitch
St. Paul's Cathedral
Tempest-Heaven and Earth Designs
The Bridal Staircase-Heaven and Earth Designs
The Pumpkin Passport-The Frosted Pumpkin
Winter Queen-Mirabilia
Wizard of Oz afghan