Monday, July 17, 2017

Haul 2.0

The Stitchin' Post in Nashville is closing. The owners have decided to retire and they didn't find a buyer for the store. Over the weekend they had a great deal of spend at least $50 and you get 50% off your total purchase. And spend I did! I have never made a large purchase like this at once and more than likely will never again but I just could not pass up the great deals. So here we go....

I purchased the Renaissance Mermaid from Under the Sea Fabrics when it came out.

I purchased these two on ebay last week for a great price.

I have been ordering these through Stoney Creek, they are free each month right now.


I met with a stitch friend over the weekend and we had a great time. We went stash shopping, stitched, and ate and repeated. I usually see her at a couple of retreats throughout the year, but we also get together a couple of times a year where we spend the weekend taking part in shopping, stitching, and eating. We decided a couple of years ago to start giving each other a goodie bag of items a couple of times a year. We have been doing a large goodie bag in August and then a smaller one for birthdays and Christmas. Here is what I received this weekend from her.

We also made a quilted ornament. I knew that she had made them before and I wanted to learn and it was great fun. I can't wait to make more. Here is the one I made.