Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Stitching and Mostly Haul

Can you believe that today is the last day of July?? Summer is flying by and while I do like summer, I am ready for weather that is less hot and humid. I am ready for the days of wearing sweatshirts and sitting on the front porch as I work on my latest project.

I did not stitch much this past week. It seemed there were things going on or I was just tired after work and did not pick up a needle. I only worked on Henry VIII last night and did about 120 stitches. I am not sure I like this as you can see the white fabric peeking through but it would be too bulky if I used three stands of thread, instead of the two I am currently using. I don't want to start it over so it will have to do on this project.

I work at a hospital and our gift shop had a Christmas in July sale last week and I got this cute Vera Bradley bag for 75% off. It is a laptop bag but is perfect to be used as a project bag.

I fell in love with a couple of ornaments I saw online a good while ago and did not realize there was a whole set of them until I met my friend for a stitch weekend and looked at a book she had with her. So of course, I had to get online immediately and find it. I got this for $3!!! You can't pass up a deal like that.

It would seem this was a week of good bargains..and yes they continue. A stitch friend of mine purchased a large lot of cross stitch and had items in it that she didn't want or already had. She sold me a few items at a great deal and here is what I got.

Midsummer Night's Fairy by Mirabilia and it is completely kitted.

Mermaid of the Pearls by Mirabilia and it is completely kitted.

Flower Power-Crossed Wing Collection Pattern Only

Patriotic Eagle Head-Rebecca Jacks Pattern Only

I do have a little bit of haul that will be delivered today and then I MUST STOP for awhile. Does anyone have good pointers for not buying???


  1. I think what you get Henry VIII finished and up on the wall, the white won't be as noticeable. You came away with some lovely bargains. Good for you! The only thing I can suggest is to curtail your looking if you need to stop. When I have gone over my allotted budget, I don't look at shops, Etsy, etc. You know -- out of sight, out of mind. Enjoy your week, Laura!

    1. I am hoping it will look ok once finished. I know, I have to stop looking. I think I need to put in place a reward system where I can purchase a pattern after I finish a couple.

  2. Impressive haul! Are you on FB? I have a group called Stitch from Stash 2017B, one of the ideas is to cut back on buying if you are interested in that.

    1. I joined that group and as you can see, I am not doing that well. I have to get back on board though.

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