Thursday, July 6, 2017

Haul, Not Much Stitching, and Plans

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July filled with family, laughter, food, and celebration. I had four days off from work and planned to stitch the hours away. However, we were out and about and that just didn't happen. I was able to do a small amount and I have a new start! I have had the pattern since the Nashville market in March but just received my fabric. It took me a little bit to decide what to use.

Let Freedom Ring by Lila's Studio-It is being stitched on 28 count Properly Primitive by Under the Sea Fabrics. It is a very small start as I did have the border in the corner completed and after I stitched the flower, I realized the border color was not correct and I had to rip it out.

I still have not had much of a stitchy bug for a few weeks but I am hoping that is returning. At least I do feel like it is.

Now for the haul.

Properly Primitive by Under the Sea Fabrics

Zephyrus by Under the Sea Fabrics

Foxglove by Mirabilia

Bead Pack for Foxglove

Mothers Prayer by Rosewood Manor but is a kit by Janlynn

I do have a couple more items that were ordered before the Stitch from Stash started on July 1. I didn't do well at all with the first one that was from January to June so I am changing around plans a bit to make sure I do better this time. I have been thinking of a rotation that would work for me for a good while and just wasn't sure how to set it up. However, I think I now have a plan.

I have picked two Heaven and Earth Designs:
Henry VIII-one that I will be starting this weekend.
Gothic Cross

I will stitch one hour a day on Henry VIII until I get a page finish and then I will go to Gothic Cross and do the same thing. I think if I rotate between two of them this way, I can make some pretty good progress.

I have picked 7 other projects:
Let Freedom Ring-Lila's Studio I just started this one this week.

Heartstring Samplery Small I am almost finished with this project.

London-Thea Gouveneur This will be a new start as I ordered it last week on the black fabric.

Americana Series-Little House Needleworks This project is also a new start that I will start sometime next week.

Brookes Books Advent Animal ornaments It was my goal to do two a month this year and right now I am a little behind. I only have the border to finish on number 4 and I will continue to add one of these in the rotation until they are all finished.

Save the Stitches-Blackwork Journey I have started this one and am excited to get back to it.

Angel of Love-Lavender and Lace I started this piece a few months ago and this is one I have wanted to do for years.

I will stitch one one project a day so that I will touch them all each week. After I stitch on the HAED of the day for an hour, I will then spend whatever time I have left to stitch for the day on one of these. I will then add in a project when one is finished. I know that I will have to amend this a bit once stitching on George Washington Crossing the Delaware starts but I think this is a rotation that I can really do and keep up with and hopefully make a dent in my wips and get several more finishes this year.


  1. You have awesome plans ahead of you. I can't wait to see your progress on all of them. I am in awe of all the big designs you are planning to stitch up. I always loose my mojo before I can ever finish anything big, but your plan sounds good and I know you can do it! I cross stitch/crochet and knit...I find if I loose interest in one of them I always have two others I can do. I like changing it up like that. I mostly learned to knit via You Tube, there are lots of really good how to videos on there. Wishing you a great day and Happy Stitching. :)

    1. Thanks! I am attracted to large projects and seems to take me a good while for finishes so hopefully this plan will help.

  2. Nice haul, Laura! Good start on Let Freedom Ringl sorry you had to rip out some of the border. Your plan sounds like a workable one for you. I look forward to seeing progress pictures along the way.