Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekly Stitching

Can you believe that October is almost over??? I sure can't. This year is flying by and I am getting the urge to start planning what I will start next year. Do any of you make plans for the next year and start kitting?

I feel like I haven't stitched much this week but I really have gotten quite a bit done.

Christmas Pickle by Mill Hill
I started this on Thursday and finished it Saturday. I think this is so cute and I am planning to stitch a few more on fabric for gifts.

I worked on Henry VIII for the other amounts of time that I was able to stitch this week. I was able to get the first long column of page two done and started the second column of page two. There were a couple of threads that I needed to fill in the empty space on page one that you see in the picture. I now have those threads and am filling in that area before moving on any further with the second page.

I am going to a retreat in Bowling Green, Ky on Friday and Saturday so hopefully I will be able to put in quite a few stitches then. If you are ever interested in retreats, you should check out Katrina. She has them all over and she is open to coming to your area if you request one.

Have a great week filled with lots of stitches!

Friday, October 20, 2017


I haven't had much stitching time so no update until next week on those projects. I have always said stitch friends are the best to have and I am singing their praises this week as I received gifts from friends. I am so thankful and blessed.

My friend Mandy gave me a birthday gift.

And a large bag of coffee nut m&m's.

My friend Susan sent me these.

My friend Sharon from Canada sent these lovely things. We normally send each other stitch items a couple of times a year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekly Stitching and Haul

I was able to stitch more than usual this past week and I got quite a few stitches in on several projects.

I am getting closer to a page finish on Henry but confetti is starting so it is a little slower now.

Henry VIII-Heaven and Earth Designs

Needles and Pins-Theron Traditions

I started this one a good while ago and haven't worked on it in quite some time. I have to rip out the blue line, as it is supposed to be red and will do that this week. I finished Mississipi and Illinois and the portion of the red line above those.

One Nation-Bygone Stitches

I started a couple of new things.

I love the Wizard of Oz and this pattern was in a magazine, the Cross Stitcher issue 281.

I also started Fire and Ice. I have had this pattern for several years and it will be a gift for my husband. I have the companion piece called Golden Ice but haven't started it yet.

I am trying hard not to purchase anything right now. I will be having a total knee replacement on October 31 and will be off work for about 12 weeks so I need to not make any purchases.

However, I have wanted one of these lap/table stands since I saw it and since my birthday is coming up, I got one. They are made by Michael Hope and his wife Bonnie is on several facebook groups that I am a member of and that is where I saw it. I can't sing its praises enough as it is fantastic and the best gadget I have purchased in quite some time.

I hope you all have a great stitch week!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Glendon Place Special

I received an email yesterday for a special that Glendon Place is offering. They have 16 designs included in this special. If you purchase the pattern, you get the thread for it for free.
The patterns that are included in this special are:

Sleepy Hollow-GP161
Pretty Pumpkins-GP112
Witching It Was Halloween-GP110
Monster March-GP147
Franky the Thinker-GP128
Vinny the Vampire-GP130
Reindeer Games-GP162
Give Thanks-GP149
Harvest Gourds-GP153
Come Sit A Spell-GP181
Outrageous Owls-GP163
All Hallows Eve-GP192
Frank's Family Portrait-GP194
Autumn Ala Round-GP213
Eerie Express-GP211

Weekly Stitching

Henry VIII-Heaven and Earth Designs I am very close to a page finish. I can't wait to see Henry appear.

The Kings and Queens of England-Bothy Threads

Old World Santa Book 2-Prairie Schooler
I mailed this off today.

I don't have any haul to show. I did go to Joann's yesterday as they had a 40% off your entire purchase coupon. I got some DMC thread that I was missing for a few projects and some fabric as I am going to try to make some project bags for myself. Wish me luck on that!