Monday, February 26, 2018

Nashville Market

I am sure all of you stitchers know about the Nashville Market that happens every March. A trade show for designers and shops and it is horrible they won't let the normal stitcher come in to shop! I have a good friend that has an online store and she does a retreat the weekend of market. The retreat is at a hotel down the street from where the market is being held and stitchers sit and talk, eat, stitch, and all that fun stuff. But Katrina goes to the market and shops and brings back items from market and you can see them and place your order and she will go back and purchase for you and you can have them the weekend of market, without having to wait. It is great fun and unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year. However, I will be giving her a list of what I want to purchase. I bring this up as I am wondering if you all have seen the preview of items yet?

You can see them here.

If you don't have a local LNS or not sure where to purchase, contact Katrina with a list and she will purchase, invoice, and ship out quickly. You can click on her name to go to her site and her email is listed there.

Weekly Stitching

Good Monday Morning! It is nice to finally see some sun and no rain here in Ky. We had a lot of rain the past week and storms over the weekend, tornadoes in some places. There is quite a bit of flooding as well. These pictures are from Louisville, which is about an hour from me.

I worked a little bit on the Early Americans series, the Martha Washington square but I forgot to take an updated picture. I also started on the George project but only about 200 stitches, so I will update with that next week when I have more done. Then, I had a start and a finish! I am a BAP girl but I really liked stitching something much smaller and getting a finish so quickly. I think I am going to finish it as a no sew cube but can't decide. Any suggestions?

February Cottage-Country Cottage Needleworks

I didn't have any haul this week but I did received an amazing project bag from my friend a few weeks ago and I have failed to show it. Isn't this great?!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly Stitching and Haul

It is going to be 82 in Ky today! I need to celebrate it up as tomorrow it is going to be back in the low 40's. Hope you are having great weather where you are.

I am loving this project and I don't think I am going to stop on it until it is done.

Early Americans-Little House Needleworks

I started a new project and the pink color on the flower isn't the correct color. I like its spring looking brightness but I am going to have to rip out so that the correct colors will all match better.

Basket of Cherries-Garden Series 1-Blackbird Designs

I have one item of haul this week and I am planning to start it soon.

George and the Dragon-Vermillion Stitchery

I am in search of the companion piece to go with this one. If you have this in pattern or kit form and are willing to sell to me for a reasonable price, please contact me.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Mirabilia-Sun Goddess

Happy 15th of the month and Mirabilia Release Day! I really like this new one. She reminds me quite a bit of the queens. Enjoy and have a great day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Weekly Stitching and Haul

Happy Fat Tuesday!!! It seems very early to be saying that but I hope everyone get in a little celebration today as we get the start of the Easter season going.

I started a new project. What a shocker! I bought a pattern of Elsa and one of Anna from Frozen to do for my nieces and I decided to start them, in hopes of having them both finished by Christmas. It is a beautiful stained glass look but the confetti is killing me. I must start looking at patterns closer before I purchase. I don't have much done but pretty decent for only a few days work.

She will look like this when finished.

I decided to pull out the Early Americans series on Thursday. I had to rip a good portion out of the Betsy Ross square and then I stitched on this project all weekend. I know I put it in time out due to having to rip out but I wish I had done it at the time and continued to work on it, as I love this project. It is my goal to continue working on this until I finish or feel like I need to rotate. I have discovered that I started it too far over on the fabric and I am going to be close to the right edge but it is just going to have to work.

I purchased the Mirabilia in January and the Plum Street in February. I really want to start the Plum Street Sampler one soon but I still need fabric for it. I was enabled by a flosstuber!

I hope your temps are getting warmer and lots of stitching is had by all this week!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekly Stitching

Good Morning! It is a brisk 21 this morning and a few flurries were falling as I walked into work. I am hoping we don't have bad weather at the end of the week as my monthly stitch group is set to meet on Saturday. We haven't met since December as January date had snow.

I stitched quite a bit this week.

Love Never Fails-Barbara Ana

I love the colors on this and it was hard to put down.

Henry VIII-Heaven and Earth Designs

I was in need of a few threads and I picked those up on Saturday and started filling in the spots that were in need of those threads.

I have just about decided that I will work on Henry, one other project, and an ornament as my rotation. I will add in the Man a Month SAL and the new Farmhouse Series by Little House as they come out. I want to be able to get several finished this year and I think maybe this will allow me to. I would love to finish Henry this year as well. What are you working on this week?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Farmhouse Christmas Series-Little House Needleworks

Is anyone else a sucker for a series? I am, especially when it is from Little House Needleworks. I am sure that you all have seen the new series entitled Farmhouse Christmas. I have the first pattern on order and need to look through my fabric to see if I have anything that works. Would anyone like to join me in a SAL? I most likely will not start it until the middle/end of February.

You can check out the site for information on items needed to complete the series and there is also a free border to do all the patterns on one large piece of fabric, which is what I will be doing.