Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly Stitching and Haul

It is going to be 82 in Ky today! I need to celebrate it up as tomorrow it is going to be back in the low 40's. Hope you are having great weather where you are.

I am loving this project and I don't think I am going to stop on it until it is done.

Early Americans-Little House Needleworks

I started a new project and the pink color on the flower isn't the correct color. I like its spring looking brightness but I am going to have to rip out so that the correct colors will all match better.

Basket of Cherries-Garden Series 1-Blackbird Designs

I have one item of haul this week and I am planning to start it soon.

George and the Dragon-Vermillion Stitchery

I am in search of the companion piece to go with this one. If you have this in pattern or kit form and are willing to sell to me for a reasonable price, please contact me.


  1. Your Early Americans piece looks great. I like the Basket of Cherries piece as well. Good luck in quest in finding the Maiden and the Unicorn.

  2. Your projects are coming along nicely. I always enjoy seeing what you are stitching. :) Thank goodness it will be warm today. Happy Stitching.

  3. Your temperatures certainly vary widely! Have you seen the temperature chart I am doing? (Please reply by email not to the comment, as I won't see it).
    Also, Ms Oh Sew Crafty has just finished the Maiden & the Unicorn design, it's gorgeous!

  4. Hi Laura! Just discovered your blog :) Love your Early Americans progress and the new start on the BBD piece. I hope you can find the chart you are looking for!

    1. Thanks Carol! I’m glad you discovered me.