Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Weekly Stitching and Haul

Happy Fat Tuesday!!! It seems very early to be saying that but I hope everyone get in a little celebration today as we get the start of the Easter season going.

I started a new project. What a shocker! I bought a pattern of Elsa and one of Anna from Frozen to do for my nieces and I decided to start them, in hopes of having them both finished by Christmas. It is a beautiful stained glass look but the confetti is killing me. I must start looking at patterns closer before I purchase. I don't have much done but pretty decent for only a few days work.

She will look like this when finished.

I decided to pull out the Early Americans series on Thursday. I had to rip a good portion out of the Betsy Ross square and then I stitched on this project all weekend. I know I put it in time out due to having to rip out but I wish I had done it at the time and continued to work on it, as I love this project. It is my goal to continue working on this until I finish or feel like I need to rotate. I have discovered that I started it too far over on the fabric and I am going to be close to the right edge but it is just going to have to work.

I purchased the Mirabilia in January and the Plum Street in February. I really want to start the Plum Street Sampler one soon but I still need fabric for it. I was enabled by a flosstuber!

I hope your temps are getting warmer and lots of stitching is had by all this week!


  1. Your projects are looking great. Love Floss Tube! Wishing you a lovely day. Happy Stitching. :)

    1. I have a bit of an addiction to flosstube.

  2. Your LHN is looking good. You are off to a good start on Elsa.

  3. Elsa will be fun once you get into the colour part, there are some great blues in there.