Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Round Robins

I have not participated in a round robin in several years but a stitch friend of mine asked me to stitch on her piece. There were not enough people to stitch the entire design that she was using, so I just finished stitching a square on it. The pattern is not one that I would have chosen to do for me but after seeing the squares stitched, it is very cute and I like it much better than just looking at the pattern. I stitched the upper left hand corner, Brassica.

I would love to hear about your round robins, please post info and pictures in the comments.

A Dictionary of Bras by Bothy Threads


  1. Oh Laura, that looks great !! Thanks for doing it. I'm gonna see if I can get some other stitchy friends to do a square. Might have it finished by 2030 !

    1. I am glad you like. It was a fun stitch.