Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WIPS-Part Two

I started going through a tote that I had not looked in for a good while and I found a treasure trove of stitchery. Some of these projects I had completely forgotten about so it was like opening up a new gift. With the exception of One Nation and Faith, all of the others are ufo's but are now going to be wips as I have decided that I will no longer have ufo's. I am a little embarrassed and mad that I allowed myself to shove these projects away and not give them any love. I am including a picture of what they will look like when finished but I apologize as I do not have the name of the fabric or date started as these are all from a good while ago and before I started tracking that information. All of the BAP's are on either 16 or 18 count aida and use DMC, some of the projects came as kits and I used the fabric and threads provided. There are still a few that I have yet to photograph but I will get them posted soon. The post is very picture heavy but I hope you Enjoy!

One Nation-Bygone Stitches I am stitching this on 28 count Brown Sugar by Under the Sea Fabrics.

Faith Building Block-My Big Toe
28 count Cashel Linen

Midnight Frost-Summer House

M'lady's Chateau-I think this was possibly a Dimensions kit but I ordered it off of ebay from a Chinese distributor.

Peaceful Evening Stocking Kit-Dimensions Gold Kit

Once Upon A Time-Passione Ricamo

Queen Anne's Lace-Lavender and Lace

North Wind Stocking Kit-Dimensions Gold

Millenium Kit-Teresa Wentzler

Angel-Praying Hands

Stonehenge-Mystic Stitch

Grainger Street-Mystic Stitch

Fishing Buddies Stocking-Stitch World

Moon Shadow-Stitch World

St. Paul's Cathedral

Feather Fairy-Mirabilia

Nocturne-Heaven and Earth Designs

Parting of the Red Sea-Mystic Stitch

Gettysburg Address-Erica Michaels

Faded Glory Kit-Jeannette Crews

All The World's A Stage-Heaven and Earth Designs

Tempest-Heaven and Earth Designs


  1. WOW.. and I thought I had a lot of UFO's ... But impressive !!! Can't wait to see them done!

    1. I know, right? And since I posted this I have thought of a couple of others that I didn't get on here. It is very overwhelming but I am on a mission.

  2. Good for you on tackling your UFOs and turning them back into WIPs. I look forward to seeing progress shares down the road.

    1. Robin-Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by.

  3. I didn't know you had started the one with the Victorian carriage going up to the house. Love that one. You've got a lot more HAEDs started than I thought! And quite a bit done on some of them too, as well as that Mystic Stitch piece ~ very nice.