Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2017 Stitching

I have been looking over many SAL's and events that have been posted on facebook recently, that will take place in 2017. I have been trying to decide which ones to sign up for. I would love to know about the ones you are doing and perhaps it will give me others to choose from.

As of today, I am planning on these.

Year of Starts 2017-In this one, you start a new project on the 17th of each month. It is an event on the Stitch Maynia facebook group.

Year of WIPS-This event started in October and will end December 31, 2017. This event was set up by Melanie Watkins of Soulful Stitchers on Facebook. All of the participants picked a number of wips to get finished during this year. I chose 20 and I have finished one so far and pretty close on a couple of others. You can go to this post to see the wips I selected.

I am going to be stitching The Frosted Pumpkins year long SAL. I haven't purchased this yet but will before it starts.

I am going to be stitching the Clouds Factory year long SAL. I also haven't purchased this one yet but will before the start date.

A Canadian friend of mine is joining me in a SAL to stitch the Brooke's Books Advent Animals as ornaments. The patterns are FREE. Please join us!

A stitch friend of mine and I have decided to do a SAL with the Janlynn kit Seasons. Here is the winter kit on Amazon. A facebook group will be set up for this one.

The Stitch Maynia Facebook group has several monthly SAL's and I have decided to do the Color A Day SAL. The one is to stitch on a piece that has the color of each month's birthstone color. The piece for these are to be stitched on the 15th of each month.

I am in a Stitch from Stash group and they are hosting a Color Weekend each month where you stitch on the color of each month's birthstone color, so I will combine this with the Stitch Maynia SAL.

There are other SAL's for each month on the Soulful Stitchers group to include Nora Corbett SAL, Full Coverage SAL, Blackbird Designs SAL, and Northern Needlework Expressions, just to name a few. I will more than likely be participating in some of those as well as I do have wips in most of the categories.

I would love to hear about what SAL's or events you are participating in next year.


  1. I am doing an informal SAL with a stitching friend of mine; we are stitching 1 LHN or CCN ornament each month during 2017. I may be doing some form of a stitch from stash SAL as well.

    1. I love LHN and CCN. I would love to see the ones you do.

  2. I'm trying very hard to not get into any other SALs because I want those WIPs from YOWC finished. Plus I know I'll be starting Death by Cross Stitch in January. There is always something new popping up that I can't live without, though. Right now I have a mystery quilt in the works, need to start and finish a baby quilt by April, plus have a quilt class in early January that I want the quilt finished in 2017 so and I'm scared of spreading myself too thin and not getting my YOWC pieces finished.

    Both hobbies are supposed to be fun and relieve stress so I'm trying to just go with my current flow. But, oh the temptation that's out there right now! LOL

  3. Wow! You are gonna be super busy. I can't wait to see all the progress you make on all those fun SAL's. Happy Stitching. :)