Monday, September 26, 2016

The Year of WIPS

Melanie Watkins, the admin of the Soulful Stitching Sisters group on Facebook, has set up a challenge called The Year of WIPS. The challenge will start on October 1, 2016 and end on December 31, 2017. I joined immediately as I have many wips that need to be finished. However, not only are all the participants working on getting wips finished, we are each paired up with another stitcher where we will send each other a postcard at least once a month. I love this idea as it is a great way to get to know another stitcher and to offer encouragement to each other.

We were all required to make a video or photo album with our wips and to show where we are at this time and then we will update them throughout the year to show progress. I am posting my photos below with the projects I intend to finish during this challenge. I have posted a pic of what the finish will look like with most of the selections. I am really close on a couple of them and have quite a bit to stitch on most of them but I am up for the challenge and can't wait to get started. I have decided on 20 projects to include but may add a couple before October 1. If I do, I will add to this post. Also, it isn't too late to join-go to the facebook page before October 1 and get all set up.

Pumpkin Passport by The Frosted Pumpkin This is the 2016 SAL. I can't post a picture of what the finish will look like as it is a digital pattern. I am behind and I will be trying hard to get caught up so this will be finished at the end of the year.

Faith by My Big Toe

Postcards Around the World by CloudsFactory This is the 2016 SAL. I can't post a picture of what the finish will look like as it is a digital pattern. I have barely started this one and would love to have it finished by the end of the year but not sure that is possible.

America The Beautiful by Sue Hillis

Join Your Hands by Lila's Studio

Old Glory by Rosewood Manor I should have this finished within a few hours of stitching.

Joy by AuryTM

Baroque by Ink Circles

Midnight Frost by Summer House

Quiet Evening Stocking by Dimensions Gold

North Wind Stocking by Dimensions Gold

The Gettysburg Address by Erica Michaels

Moon Shadow by StitchWorld This project is one of my oldest wips.

Faded Glory by Jeannette Crews I have a small section that needs to be ripped out and fixed but this can be finished pretty quickly.

Cassieopeia by Mirabilia

Once Upon A Time by Passione Ricamo This project is one of my oldest wips.

Fishing Buddies by Stitch World

Feather Fairy by Mirabilia


Celtic Banner by Lavender and Lace This project is one of my oldest wips.


  1. You have some really beautiful WIPS. I look forward to seeing your progress and your finishes as you complete them.

  2. What a nice assortment of WIPs you have selected for this challenge. I'll be here on the sidelines cheering you on. Go Laura!

  3. Amazing pieces. I am too intimidated by the whole thing to join in, but I think it is an amazing idea.

    1. Oh you should join in. You can do a small amount so it isn't so overwhelming. I just have alot of wips.

  4. You've got some really great pieces there. Can you imagine when they are all finishes? That'll be great!

    1. Thanks! Three of them are really close and I am going to work on them first to get finishes. I sure hope I can get them all done.

  5. I am so excited about this challenge and having you as my partner. Years ago I was in one called the WIPocalypse and made good progress before dropping out (the "rules" required more than stitching and taking progress photos).

    1. Me too! I am very hopeful that I can get as many of these as possible finished. I can't wait to see your progress.

  6. Fantastic WIPs, some varied designs but you can see your favourite themes too!
    The WIPocalypse is still going, apparently the World did not end in 2012 so we just kept stitching!
    I am going to enjoy seeing your progress on these pieces.