Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sale!! Needleminders, Froggers, and More!!!

I was just a normal stitcher, or at least I thought I was, until....I went to my first retreat. I had no idea of all the gadgets and cute supplies that I needed. I owned one needleminder a year ago. ONE! NEEDLEMINDER! People-that is horrible. I now own many. I have not counted but I am going to soon and will post a picture of the ones that I own. Even though I have more than enough for all my wips, I need more. I can't seem to stop buying them. So when I see that someone has a sale, I have to go look and make a purchase..or two.

I just saw a post on facebook about a great sale by Cherise of Stitchingly Along. She has great products-I have purchased needleminders, scissor fobs, froggers, counting pins, and a couple of the sets from her. The products are awesome, well made, and she has great customer service. Not to mention the cute way she packages them for shipping. So head on over to her facebook page by clicking on the link below and check out her great sale. The sale ends on September 15 and many items for only $5!! Below are only two of the items but there are so many great ones, I couldn't post them all here.

Stitchingly Along


  1. Thanks Laura for your sweet review! I really appreciate it! You're the best! :)

    1. You are welcome! I love your products.