Sunday, March 4, 2018

Let's Talk About WIPS

On Saturday I decided that I would go through my wip basket. I have a rather large one with wheels. I purchased this right before I had my knee replacement surgery so that it could sit by my chair and I wouldn't have to worry about trying to get up and gather things, it was all right beside me. I thought it was time to go through it and clean up and organize a bit. I did organize and take some things out as I just became so overwhelmed by how many projects I have started. Do you ever get that way?

I think that maybe I am ready for spring cleaning and I was just a big disgusted with just how many there are. Today I don't feel quite as overwhelmed and disgusted but still realize I have to do something and get these things finished. Oh and I should mention that this list of wips aren't all that I have. There are many more in totes that I need to go through. I plan to do that soon so I can get an accurate list of wips, kits, and patterns that I have.

I thought I would share the wips that were in my basket.

Basket of Cherries-Blackbird Designs
Needles and Pins-Theron Traditions
Kings and Queens of England-Bothy Threads
Mary-Mill Hill kit
No Place Like Home-Wizard of Oz pattern from a magazine
Americana Series-Little House Needleworks
Man of the Month-Amy Brueken
Stained Glass Elsa-SR Designs
London-Thea Gouveneur
Brooks Books Advent Animals Ornaments
Europe Landmark Buildings
Joseph-Mill Hill kit
Golden Ice-Kustom Krafts
New England School Girl Sampler-Theron Traditions
Florin-Ink Circles
Fire and Ice-Kustom Krafts
Let Freedom Ring-Lilas' Studio
Charles Stocking-Shepherds Bush
One Nation-Bygone Stitches
George Crossing the Delaware project
Laura Plantation-Leslie Wisters
Giant Harry Potter-Clouds Factory
Esther Copp Sampler-Bucilla
Henry VIII-Heaven and Earth Designs
Love Never Fails-Barbara Ana
Alphabet-Prairie Schooler
Save the Stitches-Blackwork Journey

I thought that I had about 40 wips but in looking at this list and thinking about others that I know of, I think the number is well over 40. I am thinking perhaps I need to try to work on one at a time and then have George Crossing the Delaware project going as well. I just get so excited about the kitting up process and the starting and then it is laid down and on to others and the whole process starts again. So, I am wondering how many wips do you have?


  1. I can't count high enough to answer your question!!!!

    1. Susan-I am afraid that will be my case when I go through all that I have.

  2. I think I have around 27, most of them large projects and lots of repro samplers. I have been stitching 'The Old Scot' from Hands Across the Sea Samplers and haven`t been able to put it down so the rest are just languishing in my wip basket...

    1. I am stuck on the Early Americans right now and can't put it down.

  3. I know exactly how many I have because I have a spreadsheet!
    13 from before 2017, 11 from 2017 and 6 new to this year. But some of these are monthly SALs and will be complete by the end of this year.