Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Brookes Books

Have any of you stitched a Brookes Books pattern? I think so many of them are so darn cute and I own a few but I haven't yet stitched one. However, I was watching a flosstube video over the weekend and saw where someone was doing the Advent Animal patterns. There are 25 of them, of course, and they are FREE patterns. I have no idea how I would want to finish them but I want to stitch them all. So, I thought maybe there were others that would like to do a SAL with me in 2017.

The SAL would start in January 2017 and go until we all finished them. It will be at your own pace and I plan to do one or two a month, depending on how quickly they stitch up. If you would like to join me, just comment below. I can set up a facebook group for us so we can talk and share as we do these patterns.

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