Thursday, November 3, 2016

More Birthday Goodies

Yesterday I had two packages waiting when I got home and I am so excited to share what I received. I have decided stitch friends are just the best and they give the most thoughtful gifts.

My friend Denita sent these and some thread that I forgot to take a pic of and I will add later.

This is a table runner that has been made into a project bag and couldn't be cuter. Now that I have seen one and looked at how it is made, I am going to try to make some of my own.

My friend Cindi sent me these items.

She made this ort jar and I am posting several pics so you can see it all.


  1. Laura, you received some lovely goodies for your birthday. I know you will enjoy each and every item. That table runner turned project bag looks interesting.

    1. Thanks! I am going to have to see if I can make one of those bags for myself. It is perfect to fit everything you need for a good size project.

  2. How sweet. You got some really wonderful gifts.