Monday, August 7, 2017

Flosstube Feature-Yany Stitcher

I haven't featured someone on flosstube in awhile and I need to start doing that more often. A friend suggested this stitcher to me and I watched all of her videos over the weekend. I think she is so cute and her stitching is gorgeous. Mirabilia, Chatelaines, Lavender and Lace seem to be her favorites, as are mine. However, she is also entertaining and shows the area she lives. in. I think you should all go check her out as I think you will add her to your regular watch list. I am putting her first video here so you can get started.


  1. Thank you Laura!! I'm so glad you are enjoying my videos, hopefully I can help to inspire new stitchers, and of course sharing projects we can also inspired fellow stitchers ;)

  2. Thanks for the Floss Tube video. As first I thought it was a Floss Tube video of you...which I totally think you should make them, your work is very pretty and you are super fast. Happy Stitching :)

  3. I so enjoyed your video. Your stitching is beautiful. I love that you said you had some WIPs but you still loved them. I feel the same way about mine. I may get tired of working on something and start something new but I still want to finish my WIPs one day. I envy those stitchers who are a "one till done" type stitcher but I know that I'm not that way and I'm ok with that. lol Looking forward to more of your videos.