Monday, August 21, 2017


Lakeside Needlecrafts was having a sale with many items on clearance and I got all of these with shipping from the UK for only 17.50! I am a huge England fan and I could not pass these up for that price.

I saw this pattern stitched a couple of years ago and fell in love with it and 123 stitch had it as one of the daily sale items. And you know you can't just buy one item when you order online.

Marriage of the Minds-The Drawn Thread

Love Never Fails-Barbara Ana

Fabric for Love Never Fails

Ebay purchase-The Farmers Alphabet by Prairie Schooler

Gina of Gina's Unique Boutique had a needleminder sale and the ones I ordered came in a few days ago.
Be sure and go to her etsy shop and check out what she has. Gina has some fabulous things and they are great quality.

Pumpkin Counting Pins

Witch Faces-I apologize as one is upside down

Jeweled Pumpkin-This one is one of the prettiest ones I have ever purchased.


  1. You got some really great deal and lovely times, too. I love British stuff, too. Barbara Ana is one of my favorite designers, along with Durene Jones. I am looking forward to seeing your Barbara Ana design all stitched up. Happy Stitching :)

    1. I like Durene too. I knew we were secret sisters...both loving British things.

  2. Super haul, Laura! Thank you for the link to Gina's Boutique.