Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Happy Tuesday! It is a true August day here already, very humid and hot. I hope where you are it is better weather today. I am so ready for fall.

I had a few items that I ordered get delivered and then a great find from a friend.

I ordered some specialty thread for a pattern on 123Stitch and they had this on sale for $6 so I couldn't pass it up.

The Seasonal Fairies Book-Teresa Wentzler I found this on ebay for a great deal.

A stitcher on the 123Stitch board had posted that she had several Paula Vaughn patterns and books and all she wanted was to be paid for the shipping charges. I am so excited to get this Quilts of the Bible book.

Cross stitch friends are the best friends to have! I have a friend that is local and she is a big yard sale shopper and several years ago she came across someone selling cross stitch at a yard sale. She was able to get many patterns, with a good amount of them fully kitted or just with fabric or beads. I ran into her last week and she said that she doesn't stitch anymore since she took up quilting and had a couple of bags of things that I could look through and see if I wanted them. Most of these have fabric and beads with them. Of course, I wanted to look and this is what I found. All of this for only $40!!!!!

And for the grand finale!!!


  1. Wow Laura, Congratulations on your awesome haul.

  2. That is a great haul! Lady of the Flag is so hard to get. Of course it doesn't appeal to me but all the US stitchers are going mad for it. Have you seen the fabric printed with the words of the Declaration of Independence? It is perfect for her!
    I started stitching Gathering Eggs this year, she's a lovely design, small too!